Article Review is a well established company which started trading in 2003 and to which Yahoo officially since 2010 refers Chitika as a good alternative to their own discontinued ad network. What I’m noticing is that chitika fails to get there grasp on the understanding of mobile sites. Hopefully they will soon catch up. Want to […]

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Date posted: 10 July, 2013

Article Review

Adfly is a creative way at turning your links into a goldmine. It works by submitting your normal URL like “” into ““. Two things happen when you submit new URL’s You shrink the URL, meaning that you minimize the URL length which is good for social sharing You turn your URL into an ad portal The […]

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Date posted: 8 July, 2013

Article Review has now closed down. The article below is invalid. does not have a very appealing or professional feel upon entering of the site. I don’t feel comfortable using them as an ad network. They already threaten people from leaving bad reviews about their site by saying they will ban you. Well that seems clear that […]

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Date posted: 7 July, 2013

Article Review is one of the best In Text advertising available on the market. It’s relatively easy to register and standard rules apply for registering domains. Infolinks is one of the elite ad networks on the market and a great addition to Google Adsense. They have high quality ads and easy implementations. The revenue share with […]

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Article Review is a new company launched in 2012 the overall feel of the site looks nice, but once you start reading you can spot lots of grammar errors. Receiving a professional appeal, grammar correction must be done which will improve the overall quality of the site. They use a nice modern CMS theme layered on top […]

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Date posted: 3 July, 2013


Google Roll it “Google Roll It” is a very fun and ingenious game where you use your computer screen to view your game and your smartphone as a remote control by utilizing its motion sensors to throw your balls in the holes. A game that you would play when you were 12 at the fair grounds playing […]

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Date posted: 20 June, 2013

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