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Google Merchant Image Violation

In a previous article I have talked about how images in Google Merchant can have words on them, it seems last week Google decided to tighten down their leniency. For over a half-year I have run thousands of products where the images all had the word rapid delivery on them. And I also suggested that you […]

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Date posted: 9 February, 2014


How I became a skilled web developer

Ok, before continuing in reading this article, it is not about boasting my skill-set. As much as I love to tell people I’m the new god, ahum no I’m not. I do want to point out that I create affective things. And have done so for the past 13 years. This article explains how I became […]

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Date posted: 8 February, 2014


Page load speed test for images

A week ago I suggested converting your post images to base64 to improve your page loading speed, and received a comment that this concept is ridiculous. Ok some of the comments where a misinterpretation of using base64 for images. But regardless of this quote being misinformed. It got me thinking, so today I put my […]

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Date posted: 6 February, 2014


What defines a link network

I think most people have heard of Google’s crackdown on link networks and rightfully so. I absolutely hate people trying to wing the system. But I actually don’t understand what a link network is? So this article is to try to understand what a link network is. I’m a simple Web Developer and only share […]

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Date posted: 2 February, 2014


jQuery checking for empty form fields

In every html form you want to prevent your visitors from continuing to the next stage if certain fields have not been filled in. The smartest way is to let jQuery handle this so that you do not need to refresh the page. Simply do it all on the fly. The easiest way to check […]

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Validating credit cards with javascript using Luhn Algorithm

Validating credit cards are done using the Luhn Algorithm, this algorithm is a simple check-sum based on multiples of 10’s also known as modulus 10. The algorithm only checks for wrong number combinations. This does not verify if the credit card is real. You can look at it as a pre validation process for when […]

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Date posted: 30 January, 2014


Validating telephone numbers using jQuery

In today’s article I will be delving into validating the telephone numbers on the fly using jQuery. We will cover to allow numbers only, setting a range of numbers and also having the input field activate the number keyboard on the mobile device. Step 1 : adding the input field We will first add our […]

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Date posted: 28 January, 2014


How to improve your Google shopping product images

The images displayed inside Google Shopping is one of the key elements to attract your customer. Do you think attracting your customer with a simple image will cut it? I have run a successful campaign for over a half-year which I increased the conversion by double than compared to adwords. Of course I’m not saying […]

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Date posted: 23 January, 2014


Building a mobile checkout, validating email address (Part 3 of 8)

Today I will explain to you how to quickly process the email input field validation process using jQuery. We use jQuery instead of PHP validation as it is much quicker. Other articles related to building a mobile checkout. Part 1 : The basics on how to build a mobile checkout Part 2 : How to visually styling a […]

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Date posted: 12 January, 2014


Building a mobile checkout (Part 2 of 8)

If you have not read the first part of this article, than I would recommend having a read about the basic understanding on building a mobile checkout. This article will show you all the steps in building a mobile optimized checkout. I first want to show you a list of steps that you need in […]

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Date posted: 6 January, 2014


Best online png compression tool

I always thought that was the best website to re sample png images. I was wrong! If you want to compress images to reduce the size and retain the same quality than is the best one out of all online compression tools, that I tested. With being the best advanced tool where […]

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Date posted: 2 January, 2014


Ad Network Research Infographic January 2014

From this months research based on 9000 sites, we can see that Google Adsense is still leading by a milestone. If we disregard the elite ad network we can see that Infolinks is doing really good. Constantly increasing in market share. I can see that publishers are liking the new approach of advertising Infolinks is […]

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Date posted: 1 January, 2014


SmileyWar 2013 a Year In Blogging

SmileyWar bought in 2004, never actively used until this year 2013. It was March and I was ready to start sharing and teaching other like-minded people with tips and tricks. I wish everybody a happy New Year and great developments with success to all of you! To help others in 2013 I review ad networks […]

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Date posted: 31 December, 2013


An easy way to create WordPress Shortcodes

You don’t need any tech savvy skills to build your own shortcodes. All you need is a basic  knowledge of HTML and PHP. But even if you don’t understand PHP I will explain how to create shorcodes in a couple of easy steps. Thomas Scholz mentioned something I overlooked, writing shortcodes inside your theme functions.php file will lock […]

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Date posted: 30 December, 2013

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