If you are having problems loading wp-tinymce.php, than you might need to look into httpd.conf or the security settings in Plesk. As of Plesk 12 you can add security settings which disable direct viewing of files in wp-includes. After head  scratching for a half a day, I found out it was the security settings in Plesk. Simply […]

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Date posted: 27 April, 2015


Several clients asked my Google Shopping expertise to consult on there data feed. They used Shopify’s Google Shopping Data Feed and required me to fix any issues. After reviewing the feeds, I have noticed how poor the Shopify APP for Google Merchant really is. From missing product attributes to the inability to write original content. It feels like they […]

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Date posted: 25 January, 2015


Below I have compiled a list of all the Japanese Prefectures (Province / State). Including the Kanji name, the Industrial Standard JIS X 0401 code and a google_value which is required for Google Merchant. The was originally built to be used with Google Merchant, where this code is required if you have different shipping prices […]

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Date posted: 20 January, 2015


First off, don’t panic there is no problem. If you have upgraded your WordPress site to version 4.0 you no longer need to define a constant inside your wp-config.php file. All you have to do is go to your Settings tab and at the bottom of that page simply select your site language.   [crayon-5ecfdaf58dcf8262714678/]

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Date posted: 7 September, 2014


Google announced on the 6th of August that it will use HTTPS as a ranking signal for Organic search results. What you might have missed was that for the past year Paid search results where also benefiting from ranking HTTPS sites higher than normal HTTP connections. (Source: Google Adsense Representative in Dublin/Ireland) The ranking is a […]

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Date posted: 17 August, 2014


In this tutorial I will explain how to integrate Google Wallet for Digital Goods with your PHP website using the sandbox for testing purposes, which we will later change over to a live working payment gateway. In this example we will be using a library to encode and decode our product data. Remember this example […]

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Date posted: 19 June, 2014


Recently I needed a domain name for a new project i’m building. The trouble was to find a domain name that was available, as I wanted it to be on a .com TLD. Even if your the most creative person on the planet, you need to make sure its available. So I will share with you […]

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Date posted: 1 June, 2014


I have used several web hosting companies over the years, in different countries. I started living in Belgium where I used and was extremely happy. Being that it was only for national usage. When I moved to the UK I started creating pages for international usage, developing cartoons and 3D related creations. In the UK I […]

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Date posted: 17 May, 2014


So you have written an excellent article or created a beautiful page, but what lets it down is when you start sharing your links to social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc… and your images are cut off or you’re not using the full size of the possible area that is available. With the […]

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Date posted: 7 May, 2014


An interesting topic where everybody will have their own opinion. Now the modern age of digital technology, enables many different sized devices to view internet web pages. From a small Smartphone, Tablet to a basic Desktop screen to an extra-large one. What I want to cover in this article is how to think what is the best width […]

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Date posted: 1 May, 2014


Today I will show you how to add product reviews from your site or 3rd party websites to your Google Adwords advertising in 3 simple steps. Step 1 : Login and go to your Campaign. The first step is to login to your Google Adwords account and to select the campaign and ad group. Step […]

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Date posted: 26 April, 2014


I have recently experimented with CSS3 shapes, using various articles to learn how to create them but every article that I used as a reference failed to explain what caused what to change. They simply showed how to create a triangle pointing up, down, left or right. I highly recommend understanding the concept of CSS […]

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Date posted: 20 February, 2014

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