Article | Date posted : 1 January, 2014 | Updated on : 4 January, 2014

Ad Network Research Infographic January 2014

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From this months research based on 9000 sites, we can see that Google Adsense is still leading by a milestone.

If we disregard the elite ad network we can see that Infolinks is doing really good. Constantly increasing in market share. I can see that publishers are liking the new approach of advertising Infolinks is providing. It’s competitor Kontera is far behind. But than again Kontera only provides intext advertising while infolinks also provides footer banners and side panel banners.

Every month we will publish an updated infographic about which ad network or affiliate program has the greater market share. Ad Research, is a research center that analysis publishers websites to see what networks are being used. This to help other publishers in making a decision as to which network to choose from.

Currently the ad research is based on 9000 sites with over 55 ad networks being detected.

January 2014 top 10 advertisers are:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Infolinks
  3. Amazon
  4. Chitika
  5. Kontera
  6. AOL Advertising
  7. Media
  8. Smowtion
  9. MadAdsMedia
  10. AdHitz
  11. View the full list

Download Ad Research January 2014

ad research january 2014

ad research january 2014

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