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Adfly is a creative way at turning your links into a goldmine. It works by submitting your normal URL like “” into ““. Two things happen when you submit new URL’s

  • You shrink the URL, meaning that you minimize the URL length which is good for social sharing
  • You turn your URL into an ad portal

The ad portal has two options, the standard ad method is named Interstitial Advertisement which provides you with a full screen advertisement that is displayed before redirecting to the final URL. The visitor needs to view the ad for a minimum of 5 seconds before it generates a valid click. If the visitor closes this browser or tab it will not count as a view.

The second option is a Framed Banner which places a full width horizontal banner at the top of the page. This method is less profitable as it’s not using the full screen of the visitor to showcase the ad.

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

URL Options

adfly domain options

adfly domain options

They have 3 URL options available, the classic, and


In the past 90 days adfly has acted as a host for several malicious software. The ad network has several other sites that act as intermediary. Not a healthy network if you are interested on installing on a good website. You can view its current health at Google Safe Browsing.

Revenue Share Rate



They pay out via PayPal and Pioneer with a minimum withdrawal of $5 on every first Monday of the month.


All countries are accepted.

Ad Types

Advertisements are presented after clicking on to a link which than will display a banner or full-page ad. With the full-page ad you will have to wait 5 seconds before being redirected while with the top banner ad will be shown above the initial page within the same browser.

Ad Quality

Low to normal quality ads are shown.

Mobile Support

Not available.


No adult content

Registration Process


Customer Support

Takes up to 3 days to get an answer.

I have thousands of links on my site! supplies a script to convert all links on the fly.


You can earn extra when using their services as a website entry script. The website entry script is prompted when a visitor enters your site which then triggers an ad.

Generate Income

The best way to generate income is to shrink all your URL’s and post them on social websites or blogs. Nowadays all major social websites will block you from using these revenue advertisement methods, but there are always ways to avoid exclusion. Just read their forum support and somebody will help you out on how to still post links onto Facebook or other social media sites.

What if your targeted with links?

You can request to block your site from being linked via advertisements. Simply request exclusion at

Bottom Line

It’s great advertisement platform to use for social environments but it’s feels like spam. There used to be a high rate of users shrinking spam links. But lately has been very aggressive in banning users that spam on the internet. This is sure a good way of lifting up their reputation. It’s a great tool to use as an intermediary for linking to video’s or news articles. It sure will not make your site be professional.

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