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Sponsored Links has now closed down. The article below is invalid. does not have a very appealing or professional feel upon entering of the site. I don’t feel comfortable using them as an ad network. They already threaten people from leaving bad reviews about their site by saying they will ban you. Well that seems clear that if the website has to make such a statement you know that there is trouble. Why should you tell people they get banned for bad comments if your building up your business.

The terms and conditions don’t make much sense and is written in poor grammar. The text is posted in one massive paragraph, obviously trying to put people off from reading the wording.

There is no place for you to enter your web address requesting for approval and nothing on the site to preview ads. You can’t even get the code.

Another point of interest is that they have a fixed rate which is $0.06/1000 impressions. This does not make any sense as with any ads network the rate figures should be dynamic.

They simply used a stock script found at, why would I join a site that uses stock scripts?

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Research


Looking into the health of I have not discovered any malicious software. In the past 90 days the company has had a good standing, which you can check on Google Safe Browsing.

Revenue Share Rate



The pay outs start from $1 via Paypal and Payza. Sites that offer payouts starting from $1 have something to hide. I mean why would you offer payouts from $1, simply to lure publishers for using their service?


All countries accepted.

Ad Types

You can add up to 4 ads per page. But unknown what type of ads they do as I got banned before finishing up this article.

Ad Quality


Mobile Support



Does not accept a whole lot of stuff, the terms and conditions are poorly written!

Registration Process


Customer Support

Unknown, but they where quick to ban me, so I can only assume they don’t have much to do!

Bottom Line

I would stay clear from ever using this website, bad grammar, not reputable at all and very quick to ban you for writing an honest review.

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