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Sponsored Links is registered in March 2013, an ad network run by the same owner of (providing advertisement services). A relatively new network, but already looking professional. There is a saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, only time will tell. They claim to have over 90 payment methods. So let’s have a look underneath the hood.

As of writing this they are starting out with self promoting advertising. Claiming to be good for Advertisers and Publishers at the same time but quoting that you will not earn much. That’s a rather contradicting statement in my books.

Getting approved seems to be hard if you have a newly established site with a PR of 0. Which I don’t think is necessarily a negative as you want to ensure your advertisers that the ads will be displayed on quality sites.

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

Revenue Share Rate

To be confirmed.

Payment Method & Payouts

Minimum withdrawal of $10 where the payouts are done within 25 days. They say they have over 90 payment methods but currently I can only see PayPal and BitCoin, so where are the other 88?


All countries are accepted although they currently only show self promoting ads.

Ad Types

They allow adult content and leave it up to the publisher or advertiser to enable or disable, serving or providing.

Standard sizes are available in Leaderboard [728*90], Wide Skyscraper [160*600], Full Banner [468*60], Medium Rectangle [300*250], Square Button [125*125], Square [250*250], Large Rectangle [336*280], Top banner [750*100], Skyscraper [120*600]

adview pro display advertising

adview pro display advertising

Ad Quality

Currently only self promoting ads

Mobile Support

None directly, but optimized banner sizes


Currently restriction to 0 PR sites, but if your site is worthy of quality you can request approval via email instead of using their automated system.

Registration Process

The registration process is very easy. Once registered you can start adding your sites, the only problem is that they do not allow new sites with PR 0. But you can still request it to be approved if the site deems fit. Simply contact them.

Customer Support

They have an excellent and fast (24h) customer support.


You can spend your publishers earnings on advertising.

Bottom Line

A very new company with currently only self promoting ads, it looks like they are for real, but have rather odd claims such as over 90 payment options, and $10 payout while the policy says $50?

This article will be updated as soon as I receive more information.

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