Page load speed test for images

A week ago I suggested converting your post images to base64 to improve your page loading speed, and received a comment that this concept is ridiculous. Ok some of the comments where a misinterpretation of using base64 for images. But regardless of this quote being misinformed. It got me thinking, so today I put my […]

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Date posted: 6 February, 2014


♥ What is the longest title that google plus will add to there feed, this will be a very interesting experiment indeed. Thank you for reading. Now i’m extending the title because it seems that after typing thank you for reading, it still kept the title length. This is the third test as it seems I can’t beat Google Plus in giving me the maximum character count limit. Ok come on Google give it to me!

This is an experimental page to see what the pixel count or character count is for Google Plus Titles. First test 22/09/2013 When I first tested the maximum pixel count for titles on Google Plus I found out that it was set to 2026 pixels. Or in character count it is 316 characters, with a […]

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Date posted: 22 September, 2013

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