Shopify Google Shopping APP vs a Stand a lone APP

Several clients asked my Google Shopping expertise to consult on there data feed. They used Shopify’s Google Shopping Data Feed and required me to fix any issues. After reviewing the feeds, I have noticed how poor the Shopify APP for Google Merchant really is. From missing product attributes to the inability to write original content. It feels like they […]

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Date posted: 25 January, 2015


How to link Trustpilot reviews with your adwords account

Today I will show you how to add product reviews from your site or 3rd party websites to your Google Adwords advertising in 3 simple steps. Step 1 : Login and go to your Campaign. The first step is to login to your Google Adwords account and to select the campaign and ad group. Step […]

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Date posted: 26 April, 2014


Google Merchant Image Violation

In a previous article I have talked about how images in Google Merchant can have words on them, it seems last week Google decided to tighten down their leniency. For over a half-year I have run thousands of products where the images all had the word rapid delivery on them. And I also suggested that you […]

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Date posted: 9 February, 2014


How to improve your Google shopping product images

The images displayed inside Google Shopping is one of the key elements to attract your customer. Do you think attracting your customer with a simple image will cut it? I have run a successful campaign for over a half-year which I increased the conversion by double than compared to adwords. Of course I’m not saying […]

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Date posted: 23 January, 2014

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