I updated WordPress to 4.0 but now my local language is not showing

First off, don’t panic there is no problem. If you have upgraded your WordPress site to version 4.0 you no longer need to define a constant inside your wp-config.php file. All you have to do is go to your Settings tab and at the bottom of that page simply select your site language.   [crayon-5efda14c3cb57968572106/]

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Date posted: 7 September, 2014


Changing WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS / SSL

Google announced on the 6th of August that it will use HTTPS as a ranking signal for Organic search results. What you might have missed was that for the past year Paid search results where also benefiting from ranking HTTPS sites higher than normal HTTP connections. (Source: Google Adsense Representative in Dublin/Ireland) The ranking is a […]

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Date posted: 17 August, 2014


Why I think Media Temple is the best hosting for Web Developers and Designers

I have used several web hosting companies over the years, in different countries. I started living in Belgium where I used and was extremely happy. Being that it was only for national usage. When I moved to the UK I started creating pages for international usage, developing cartoons and 3D related creations. In the UK I […]

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Date posted: 17 May, 2014


What size of image to use for sharing links on social platforms

So you have written an excellent article or created a beautiful page, but what lets it down is when you start sharing your links to social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc… and your images are cut off or you’re not using the full size of the possible area that is available. With the […]

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Date posted: 7 May, 2014


An easy way to create WordPress Shortcodes

You don’t need any tech savvy skills to build your own shortcodes. All you need is a basic  knowledge of HTML and PHP. But even if you don’t understand PHP I will explain how to create shorcodes in a couple of easy steps. Thomas Scholz mentioned something I overlooked, writing shortcodes inside your theme functions.php file will lock […]

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Date posted: 30 December, 2013


How to convert & resize images to SVG and using inline HTML using free tools

I’m currently rebuilding this site and wanted to optimize a lot of elements that speeds up sites. Especially as I’m using WordPress to publish my articles. Today what I will teach you is how to convert any image to a SVG format and using that image inline into your document. Why use inline coding? When […]

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Date posted: 15 December, 2013

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