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BuySellAds is an elite ad network where you can decide which ads to display on your site. Being approved is a whole different story, not one of the easiest ones (read more about the requirements below). The reason why the approvals are so hard is that the ad network is of high quality, a premium Ad Network. Once registered and approved you can start by incorporating their code into your site. The code displays an ad placeholder until you decide which ads are to be added. You can choose for automated ad placements where the ads will automatically be approved for you or you can approve them yourself before they are visible to the public.

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

They have created a rather irrelevant video, it looks like they where trying to make a music video rather than a promotional video, but regardless in both situations they have failed to portray what is about.

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You can buy and sell advertised tweets, a very good feature for tweet heavy users. So why not benefit and earn some extra cash with this feature!

[youtube url=”” fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

Sponsored RSS

Do you have a popular RSS feed? Now you can sell ad space on your feeds. But with the high decline of people using RSS I no longer see the point. The only people still using RSS are journalists. Do you think there is a big market?

Email Advertising

Do you have a large email subscription list, I would then recommend BuySellAds as they have a great feature to sell your ad spaces inside your emails.

Revenue Share Rate

Your revenue share rate is 75%


Unknown if all countries are accepted.

Ad Types

Banner advertising, sponsored tweets, RSS ads, Apps ads and email ads

Ad Quality

Very high, only elite sites are accepted and thus higher quality advertisers will flock to this network.

Mobile Support

Yes they have mobile browsing advertising and apps advertising.


No adult, no warez, torrent or anything illegal…

Registration Requirements

  • You site must be older than 30 months.
  • A monthly impression of 100k per month on a given website.
  • Don’t use free hosting services.
  • Clean and logic layout design.
  • No adult content or illegal activities.
  • Remove all ads from your site before applying as they will not accept you if you already have tons of ads on you site.
  • Approval will not take place if your blog or website is not updated frequently.
  • Your blog must be in the niche which BuySellAds uses. For example Technology and Design are easily accepted for an account where as a real estate blog won’t make it that easily.
  • You can re-apply every 6 months, even if you are denied in the first place.
  • If disapproved, keep trying.


The 3 main requirements are traffic, update frequency and your re-appliance. But there are also other factors that are taken into account. For example your Alexa ranking, all I can say is work hard to build up your blogging website.

Customer Support


Payment Proof.

We do not follow any payment proofs or believe any comments made on forums, we strongly believe there is a high level of people faking these statements. Payment proofs can easily be generated by online image generators and comments, well with comments you never know who they are.

For that reason we have built the Ad Stumblr system where data is collected on the publisher’s website and displayed accurately on the site. This is an ever-growing analytic system which we are very proud of.

Bottom Line

This is a high quality ad network no reason why not to use it. You set the rates! What more can you ask.

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