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Sponsored Links is a well established company which started trading in 2003 and to which Yahoo officially since 2010 refers Chitika as a good alternative to their own discontinued ad network. What I’m noticing is that chitika fails to get there grasp on the understanding of mobile sites. Hopefully they will soon catch up.

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr


All countries are supported, but the revenue is much lower for non US, UK and Canada countries.


They pay out using PayPal or Check with a minimum withdrawal of $10 with PayPal and $50 with Checks.

Ad Types

The only two types of ads they show are text and list ads, which I find a shame as I personally really like rich media ads. None the less the text ads are also very effective. Highly effective within blogs or lumps of text, where you insert a narrow height full width ad. With regards to list ads, they just look very spammy. Making the presentation of your site decline. The key to success is having a nicely presented website with ads not ruling your site.

They do have optimized Mobile Ads!

Ad Quality

They might have good quality links and lists, but nothing beats rich media. Unfortunately chitika is not supporting rich media ads.

Mobile Support

mobile chitika

mobile chitika

They seem to miss understand what a mobile site looks like, looking at their preview image which simply looks like a minimized normal site pasted into a mobile phone picture which you can see above. So it seems from the initial views that they do not understand what mobile means. Chitika you can see an image below which represents an average mobile site. Certain sites receive over 40% mobile traffic. So you need to catch up fast!

mobile website

mobile website

Looking at the initial size selection I was quickly put off by the unrealistic ad size of 550 pixels by 250 pixels, which will never fit on a mobile device unless it’s a Samsung Mega.

This is 550 by 250

Delving deeper into the code as I was very conspicuous about the large size I quickly found it was not that large, the actual ad size is only 320 pixels by 50 pixels which is more realistic. Update your site Chitika! What a blunder!

This is 320 by 50

Do ads show all the time?

Only Chitika Select will show if you have visitors not coming from search engines. If they are Chitika Premium must be used.

Other Ad Networks

You can use Chitika with adsense as they are not contextual


They have two modules one which is the Chitika Select and are basic ad formats without any influence from the search engine, or when the Premium version is not available.

Chitika Premium uses the search query to present the correct ads as to which the visitor is searching for. This will result in a higher CTR.

So when is Chitika Premium not available? In certain countries these ads can not be shown.

Revenue Share Rate

Unknown!, they are unwilling to share after requesting for more information which I find rather dull! Why should I use an ad network that does not inform you what the share rate is. Take (70%) and (50%) as an example I know well in advance how much revenue I would receive. Reading from other sources the revenue rate is between $0.02 and $3

Bottom Line

Not an alternative for Google Adsense and would also not just yet say a good alternative for other ad networks. The problem is the lack of knowledge about their revenue share rate. Without a doubt they are reputable, they are definitely not sharing information which makes me believe that there rates are very low!

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