Article | Date posted : 25 November, 2013 | Updated on : 12 December, 2013

Convince your ecommerce client to have reviews

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When working with clients for eCommerce retailers, improving their SEO ranking can turn into an uphill struggle. But never give up! When a client asks me, I want to beat this competitor or have the highest rank possible in their niche eCommerce product.

I dont ask them, “do you want to be number one”, I ask how much more traffic do you want to gain? I than look at ways to improve and give results. For example one of my clients (, I improved the viewers mechanics and added several cool features. This resulted me in improving their site by 26% more traffic.

But are they happy? Noooooooo, of course not. They want more traffic and sales. So today as of writing I suggested to them once more, if they have thought about requesting customer reviews? (I have been telling them for more than a year now.)

Well this turned into a whole dilemma, one side of the managing partners I get full support while on the other side I receive an unbreakable wall. The problem is, what if they receive a bad review.

My simple answer was, you can turn any negative in a positive. There is always a reason why somebody would give a bad comment, when you find the problem you resolve it. As long as you do an effort in resolving the problems you can easily gain a positive out of a negative. Give them something to make them happy.

If bad reviews are based on false information, you can easily get them removed.

So why are reviews so important?

Viewing it from a customer’s perspective. 

When a customer sees products, the trust factor on you as merchant will raise to such a level that you will see a conversion rate increase by as much as 10%. My figures are based on results from other customers and colleague web developers. Now that is what I call, an increase. Having a site with more than 50 reviews versus a product that has no reviews at all will give you an impressive overview.

Viewing it from Google’s perspective.

Google is very much like a customer, when they see that you have lots of reviews over several verified review website, it will look at you and see you as a trusted merchant. If you have low or no comments than Google doesn’t know if you have happy customers or not!

So this is pretty clear! Google will rank you better if you have quality and real reviews.

If your client or yourselves are still not convinced that a review system does not work, than stop wasting my blog time. You will have a hard time beating your retail competitor.

Verified UK 3rd party review sites

So we have talked about reviews on 3rd parties, but what about reviews on your own site?

Well the first stage I would highly suggest to have reviews on, are verified 3rd party websites, because Google will pick the reviews up much quicker. And the reviews are not only based on each product but you as merchant in whole.

Once you have at least 50 reviews on several sites, you can start thinking about implementing it on to your own site. The rules for Google’s rich snippets on reviews are that you must have at least 10 reviews before it can be included as a valuable source of information. Some merchant will struggle having 10 on each product. So this is the main reason I suggest starting out with a third-party website as there you will not need to have a review on each individual product.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps.

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