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updated 24/072013

Registering with can be difficult due to their Captcha system if you miss type the security question you have to fill out the whole form again, which can be annoying. Once registered you can add your sites.

They can not guarantee 100% coverage of ads at this moment as to which the in-house ads will be displayed or if you have set up a fallback ad link, the ad link will be displayed. With their pop up method you can set the ad frequency from once per session to setting it for minutes or hours.

Researching the internet I can quickly come to the conclusion that there network is not top-notch. There are not a great CPM network and rely heavily on CPA and CPC.

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

Revenue Share Rate

The share rate is a reasonable 75%

Payment Method & Payouts

The only current payment method is PayPal which is OK for most countries, but they are missing out on countries that do not have a PayPal option.


All countries are accepted but currently only have PayPal as the only payment option.

Ad Types

They currently only have 3 display advertising sizes which are 728 x 90, 160 x 600 and 300 x 250. CPMGO is not willing to add more sizes due to their conversion rate. Ads should be added to fit your site, so you need more different sizes to fit for example in side bars, footers, content etc not the other way around. So I think they have made a mistake to not allow other sizes.

Pop Under advertising will work under CPV and CPM payments.

Ad Quality

The initial start is by serving CPM ads
If CTR goes under a predefined percentage it starts serving CPC ads
If CTR goes up again it starts showing CPM ads back

Mobile Support

Not available


No adult, warez, PTP, torrent sites.

You can now be for adult site, CPMGO will review your request and approve if it meets certain criteria.

Registration Process

Easy but the Captcha can be tricky, if you mistype your captcha you will have to refill the whole form

Customer Support

Excellent forum support service, no email support.

Setting your default page link

In the first instance adding a default link was slightly confusing. I figured this was simply to ad a URL of your ad image that you wish to add. But after heavy research you can actually have a static page where you can insert an ad code from another network. But why would you want to do this? Surely if this happens allot you would just want to use the other ad network that is showing ads. The response from Peter is that ether you have a site that receives low visitors or that your country’s location has low quality ads.

Bottom Line

They are very new to the market and are still working on getting all the bugs out. It feels to me that they have launched their network to quickly. But none the less what I have noticed it is worth trying out on a couple of pages to test their system out.

Peter is also not very friendly on the forums, if he works on his attitude I think people will start using the service more.

Friendly response with a full explanation to your questions can be expected from Peter, truly moving hard forward with his Ad Network.

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