Article | Date posted : 30 August, 2013 | Updated on : 30 August, 2013

Ero Advertising Review

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Ero Advertising has a wide range of advertising options from the classic display to Video advertising and everything in between. With a mixed feeling within the social society, we have taken this task upon us to dig deeper to unravel their network.

We quickly find that this ad network is focused towards Adult Advertising than anything else. Which is good for people who are in that niche, but not so good for other sectors.

The major negativity regardless if they are paying or not, is that there share rate is a very poor 4%. This is based on US visitors statistics from known publishers an is not the official figure. So purely based on the revenue share alone makes me believe that this ad network is not worth using at all, but then again publishers are using this network.

Payments are made by Ero Advertising, some members might experience that they don’t pay due to insufficient information given to the company. This might be the cause of poor information giving on the site. As payment requirements should all be very straight forward. But regardless this is a trusted company.

Check out our Ad Stumblr statistics to find out a wide range of information. This information is an accurate representation of what publishers are using, so that you can make a choice as to which network to use.

Revenue Share Rate

Based on unofficial figures 4%

Payment Method & Payouts

Payments can be received from as low as 10 Euro using PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.


All countries are accepted.

Ad Types

  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Thumb Ads
  • Movie Ads
  • Layer Ads
  • InText Ads
  • Page Peel Ads
  • IM Pop Ups
  • Redirects
  • Pop Ads
  • Full Page Ads
  • Mobile Redirects
  • IPTV Redirects
  • In Video Plugin

You can say this is a massive list for one advertising network.

Ad Quality


Mobile Support

Yes, they have a very large range of advertising sizes perfect for mobile devices.



Registration Process


Customer Support

Based on social information, customer support is poor.

Bottom Line

A trusted ad network aimed at adult content, but the revenue share rate is pretty poor.


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4 thoughts on “Ero Advertising Review

  1. hey i added plugrush yesterday but can we add more then one network on same website?
    like two diffrent pop ads network on same website?

    1. You can ad multiple ad networks to one site, but not each network will allow secondary ads to be displayed next to its own ads. In Ero Advertising policy, they do not mention that you can not use any other ad networks in combination with them. They do stipulate that your not aloud to ad more than 4 ads per page. So this might or might not be the total count, or the count of Ero Advertising’s ads.

      So in short, yes you can.

  2. Adtomatik is also an ad network. I’ve been using it for a year and the result couldn’t be better. The best service. I totally recommend it. The best results on CPA CPL CPC CPM campaigns. It has more than 2.000 premium advertisers. And of course, it’s brand safe!

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