Article | Date posted : 7 December, 2013 | Updated on : 22 January, 2015

Favicons and EcoLink appearing in Google Search results

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Today (07/12/2013) I have discovered favicons appearing in Google search results. They seem to appear at random on my first investigation. Even weirder was the EcoLink attached to each of these links.

When searching for Royalty Free Images I had found that 50% of the results have favicons appear to the left side of the search results in Google Chrome.

The favicons in the search results are all hosted on and not directly from the sites url, further investigation in the source code can be found in the image below

favicon in google search results royalty free images


Its not only Royalty Free Images that have the favicons, but also other search terms such as “video upload” , “plates”, etc…

The favicon results are not limited to the first page, the pages following up also have the icons.

With my second analyse I have found that all favicons are supported links, with the tag, EcoLink. When hovering over for more info it explains the following:

This is an EcoLink and it helps the environment

If you buy something on this website after using this link, a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to a tree planting program in Brazil — at no extra cost to you! Learn more

favicon search results ecolink


The EcoLink seems to be affiliated with certain chrome extension such as Window Resizer, the plugin I have installed.
A message from Window Resizer

We are happy to announce that the browser extension Window Resizer is now partnering with Ecosia in support of its mission to save the rainforest:

The extension now incorporates Ecosia’s EcoLinks into Google search results pages. When a user clicks on one of these Ecolinks and proceeds to make a purchase on the partner’s website, Ecosia automatically receives a share of the revenue as a commission. This money is then used by Ecosia to support a tree planting program in Brazil.

Naturally, there are no negative changes for users of the extension. Commissions are paid by Ecolink partners, meaning that users incur no additional costs whatsoever.

We are very excited about this new and innovative way to help the rainforest. Have fun using Window Resizer and benefitting the environment at the same time.
PS. If you wish to switch off Ecolink integration for some reason, you can always do so in Window Resizer’s Options: Just right-click on the icon and select “Options”.

So what other Google Chrome Extensions have this feature? As of today I could not find any other that Ecosia’s own extension and that of Window Resizer. Regardless what other extensions have it integrated you can install it directly from Ecosia, why not support our Blue Planet?

So what would the SEO advantages be?

There is an SEO advantage towards CTR, as the link highlights itself more sufficiently, than its competitors. The favicon next to the links made it feel more authoritative. And seeing that so many big branded sites already support Ecosia makes me understand the SEO advantages. Is this something Google Chrome will integrated without an extension? Is there going to be a wide-spread incorporation inside other Chrome Extensions? Time will tell.

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