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Followerwonk review

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Followerwonk is a product where you can easily analyse all sorts of things on Twitter. The information that you can retrieve is extremely deep, but I don’t think all the functions are that useful.

The most useful information out of the package is the information that is available within the Analyze followers tab, here you can find where your users are located (geo location), what time they are active (time of the day, day of the week), when tweets are retweeted, when there are new followers and unfollowers, and so on.

There are many more features available that can help you see when highly influential followers are unfollowing you, this might be for example a reason to one of your latest tweets. But to fully understand the reasons, you can not base it of a single event. You will have to take the majority of your analytics into consideration.

What I would like to highlight is the time events, so why is the activity of followers so important?
As I have mentioned in another article “When to target your social audience“, timing is everything, especially with twitter you will find that you tweet can disappear quickly. To counter balance your loss, you can tweet at the right time, and this is how you can analyze the activity over several tweets. Find out what works, and what does not work for your followers.

What you can do:

  • Search Twitter bios based on keywords (free)
  • Compare users (free)
  • Analyze followers (free)
  • Track Followers (paid)
  • Sort Followers (paid)
  • Search within your social graph (paid)
  • Track your social graph (paid)
  • Sort your social graph (paid)
  • Rich engagement metrics (paid)
  • In-app following/unfollowing (paid)
  • Download results in CSV/Excel format (paid)
  • Toggle between multiple Twitter accounts (paid)
  • Unlock special data (paid)
  • Sort user lists (paid)
  • Results per page (free 50) – (paid 100)

Search Twitter Bios (free)

With the twitter bios tool you can find users with your searched keyword or terms that are relevant, meaning that you can follow highly relevant accounts, with following relevant accounts you will receive a higher chance in returned follows. You can also search under geo locations, or both combinations. For example I want to know SEO in London. It will than return a list of users with these terms in their bios.

What information can you find within this function?

  1. Amount of tweets
  2. Following
  4. Account Age
  5. Social Authority

How Is Social Authority Calculated?

The authority is based on the last thew hundred re-tweets that are calculated by recency of the tweets and the relevance to the re-tweeted bios.

followerwonk search twitter bios

Compare Users (free)

You can compare up to three users or two with yourself included. Other than highlighting the account age, total tweets and avg tweet. You can retrieve a list of followers from your competitors list, meaning that most likely the relevance factor will result in being followed by them too. This method of searching new followers is a better way than searching twitter bios as you already know that these users are already interested.

What information can you find within this function?

  • Account Age
  • Total Tweets
  • Avg Tweet per day

followerwonk compare bios

Analyze Followers (free)

With analyzing your followers you can improve your tactics based on a very wide range of information. For example if you thought you are targeting male only, but you see a rise in female followers, you can than adjust your strategy based on that information. Or do tweet events based on geo locations. Who does not love to hear a tweet about their beloved city! But what is highly valued is the retweets timing. Meaning you can understand what time your followers are most active. With this information you can readjust your first tweet and see how it increases or decreases in retweets. It’s a lot of information to take into, but what I would recommend is taking each result step by step and not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by doing everything at once.

What information can you find within this function?

I will use SmileyWar as the user that I looked at

  • Mapped locations of users SmileyWar follows
  • Most active hours for users SmileyWar follows
  • Most active hours for SmileyWar
  • Social Authority scores of users SmileyWar follows
  • Inferred gender of users SmileyWar follows
  • Follower counts of users SmileyWar follows
  • Following counts of users SmileyWar follows
  • Account ages of users SmileyWar follows
  • Recencies of tweets of users SmileyWar follows
  • Total tweets of users SmileyWar follows
  • Languages of users SmileyWar follows
  • Percent of tweets w/ URLs of users SmileyWar follows
  • Retweets as a percent of timelines of users SmileyWar follows
  • @contacts as a percent of timelines of users SmileyWar follows
  • Bio word cloud of users SmileyWar follows
  • Location word cloud of users SmileyWar follows

followerwonk analyze followers

Track Followers (paid)

Here you can track up to 120 days using a graph that can highlight what you’re loosing and what you’re gaining, this for you to understand which tweets might have a negative impact versus a positive. A great addition to analyzing your followers you can see in an instant impact how much your efforts are paying off, and adjust accordingly.

What information can you find within this function?

  • Daily new followers
  • Daily lost followers
  • Daily net
  • Cumulative new
  • Cumulative lost
  • Cumulative net
  • Average new/lost followers per day
  • Days with net gains/losses in followers

followerwonk track followers


Sort Followers

This lets you see all your followers and new relationships with an easy to manage unfollow/follow function integrated within followerwonk. You can think of this tool like a Control Management System.

followerwonk sort followers


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    1. Thanks for your comment, don’t you think that knowing what time tweets are retweeted, highlighting when your followers are most active? That is what I value in this tool. All the rest is rather pointless to know.

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