Article | Date posted : 9 February, 2014 | Updated on : 29 January, 2015

Google Merchant Image Violation

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In a previous article I have talked about how images in Google Merchant can have words on them, it seems last week Google decided to tighten down their leniency.

For over a half-year I have run thousands of products where the images all had the word rapid delivery on them. And I also suggested that you can have these words on your product listings.

When receiving a warning, you have 14 days the time to update your product listing. When changing your images you need to make sure when you submit the new images that they are located in a new folder.

For example if my earlier images were located in

Than now I would have it

The reason why we want to relocate the images is that if you submit the image URL to the same destination. Than Google’s automated processing tool is unable to update the images. To force Google to update the images you need to submit it to a new URL.

If you don’t resolve the problems within 20 days, than not only will your Google Merchant account be suspended but also your Google Adwords account.

Update 2

Google has updated there policy once again, they now state that you can not have any borders around your images.


rapid delivery

rapid delivery


Google Shopping Image Example

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