Article | Date posted : 20 June, 2013 | Updated on : 18 January, 2014

Google Roll it

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“Google Roll It” is a very fun and ingenious game where you use your computer screen to view your game and your smartphone as a remote control by utilizing its motion sensors to throw your balls in the holes. A game that you would play when you were 12 at the fair grounds playing “Throw the Ball in The Basket”. Memories are now poring down my brain.

Google is showing and pushing it’s experimental capabilities. This for sure will inspire society, what will you come up with? Is it even viable? I mean how many people still use a computer at home? The trend for sure is tablets and smartphones. Computers is more for people that need to work on web based projects.

They do give you a funny message upon launching the game, watch out for your screen, don’t throw your phone into your screen. Nintendo Wii all over again haaha.

It absolutely does not like IE, it simply does not work. It requires WebGL to run which is a 3D web engine incorporated in the browser. As always IE is running late and will launch WebGL in version 11. So keep your horses down and wait a couple of decades. Or just download Chrome and leave your trusty old crap behind.

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