Article | Date posted : 27 June, 2013 | Updated on : 27 June, 2013

Google WebMaster Tools – Disavow

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I have now started experimenting with the disavow tool submitting all the links that I don’t feel are benefiting a targeted site. I first delved into Google’s help files to try to understand what the tool does. And it seems to me that it does two things.

1) The most obvious clue, is the exclusion count from websites and or pages. These pages may be Spam sites or have an extreme low Page Rank. So when you use the disavow tool you will basically ask Google to not take these pages into consideration when generating a Page Rank number. Do keep in mind that a Page Rank on itself does not influence Google’s Search ranking. There is no proof if it does or not,  I would simply ignore this fact.

2) It’s a tool designed for Google to understand human input into what is considered a bad site and or page. For them to update their algorithm based on web masters disavow input. There is of course no proof of this and so it’s merely speculation. Now on the other side if this were true, it’s just another way of telling Google it’s spam like spam in your email. Nothing special.

If the disavow tool does work, than the way to go about this is to do an effort. Go and contact all the sites that you want to disavow and ask them politely to remove the links pointing to your site. It’s very simple, do an effort and you will be rewarded. Read below why you should do an effort.

What entails removal requests.

The only file that Google except is a TXT file. Formated simple as

Now this is not what you are going to do, you’re not just going to list hundreds of lines with

You need to do a little more effort. First download all your back links from Google’s WebMaster Tool

Traffic > Links to Your Site > more > Download latest links

Go through all the links and see which ones are spam or have low PR, and simply contact the owner. Log your request for removal in your text file

So why even bother going through this effort… Well that’s the point do an effort of writing a personalized messaged to the spam domain owner shows Google you are serious about removing your link(s) on their site. It’s as simple as that.

When you are done with waiting for a potential response from the spam, directory or which ever site than submit the txt file. Don’t include sites that are genuine. Because what is the point. It will harm you more than them.

Don’t take my article to the letter, I’m merely a man with an idea!

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