Article | Date posted : 23 January, 2014 | Updated on : 9 February, 2014

How to improve your Google shopping product images

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The images displayed inside Google Shopping is one of the key elements to attract your customer. Do you think attracting your customer with a simple image will cut it? I have run a successful campaign for over a half-year which I increased the conversion by double than compared to adwords. Of course I’m not saying that the image is the only reason, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view other articles that will help you increase you conversion rate.

Images are so important that it holds 12.58% of equity within the search results if we assume that the normal screen width is 960 pixels

Google has the following policy about images

Google Shopping doesn’t allow product listings with images containing promotional messages, including watermarks or promotional text. Image links pointing to logos or other generic images are also not allowed.

Now this quote is very vague on its policy with the words promotional text, if it would say no text what so ever I would understand that you can not add any text. First we need to understand the meaning of the sentence promotional text.

I would adhere from using any type of text or styling on your images, I had recently received a warning with using text on images. Although I have successfully used this technique for over a half-year, it seems Google is tightening up the rules. Even having a nicely styled border around the image is against the policy as it would be categorized as a watermark.

  1. The act of promoting or the fact of being promoted; advancement.
  2. Encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance.
  3. Advertising; publicity.

Use the full space of your image

To optimize the space available on the image, I would recommend using the full available space within the 800 by 800 size. The reason to use the full amount of space available is so that your product stands out from the rest.

A great tactic

google shopping a great british present

google shopping a great british present

While searching for examples I found this among the list that sparked a great idea. If you can take your own product pictures than why not add a label to the product with a nice sentence. In this case you could add anything you like, as it is part of the product.

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