Article | Date posted : 29 September, 2013 | Updated on : 29 September, 2013

Infinity Ads Review

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Infinity Ads mainly focuses on Pop Under and Pop Up delivery methods utilizing a Cost Per View system.

Publishers easily mistaken how the control panel works, when not seeing the same amounts of views as on other networks or when using their analytic system.  The page views on Infinity Ads are actually unique page views and are not the total page views. Like other ad networks, they will display the total page views.

So don’t worry, every unique page view is still counted.

Infinity Ads is not only focused on Pop Under / Up, but also have Interstitial and in text advertising options.  Although I would recommend Infolinks or Kontera as they are more established in these types of delivery methods.

The ad server used by Infinity Ads is very slow, compared with their competitors ad delivery systems. The load time for an ad takes longer than 3 seconds. This will be a problematic area for web owners using the pop up methods. As it works pretty similar like site entry advertising. This works where the ad loads and placed before you can enter the site. That means that the visitor first needs to click on the close button before being able to use the site itself.

Putting aside that this delivery method is very annoying, it still loads very slowly which makes it feel like that your whole site is slow.

The Research

Based on research collected from Ad Stumblr, it is performing in the top 15 ad networks. Only where its publishers are mainly blogspot owners. And are regarded as another useless low-grade site on the internet.

Revenue Share Rate


Payment Method & Payouts

The minimum payout is $5 using PayPal, Wire Transfer or Check


All countries are accepted but the highest CPV is US, UK and Canada

Ad Types

  • Pop Under
  • Pop Up
  • Interstitial
  • In Text
  • They also support 3rd party ad tag and XML feed swap

Ad Quality


Mobile Support



  • No adult content

Registration Process

  • You are required to have a minimum of 5000 page views per day

Customer Support


Bottom Line

People are using this network, but based on Ad Stumblr research there is no evidence that high valued web owners are using this network. The quality of the ads are ok and some are on par with adsense. The only problem is that they have an extremely slow ad delivery method.

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