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Sponsored Links is one of the best In Text advertising available on the market. It’s relatively easy to register and standard rules apply for registering domains. Infolinks is one of the elite ad networks on the market and a great addition to Google Adsense. They have high quality ads and easy implementations. The revenue share with infolinks is a very high 70%. With 4 different integration methods, we will review all types of modules they supply and several case studies.

Case Studies

Infolinks bites a huge share market out of the online advertising. Infolinks ranks second on the chart just ahead of Chitika and Kontera. The global ad network statistic is provided by Ad Stumblr an ever-growing analytic system.

A common opinion about inText on forums points to the same dilemma, forums that use them have members tend to overlook both normal and Infolinks links. So why is this? Well the point about forums is reading informative topics and you don’t want to be bombarded with advertised links. Forum trolls (people who spend time on forums) are easily angered with anything that has a hint of spam. It’s a known fact ever since forums first spawned on the internet.

In my opinion the solution for Infolinks on forums is to incorporate inSearch and inFrames and use display advertising with other networks.

This case study about Infolinks implementation into forums has nothing to do with normal sites or blogs, it’s merely about forums.




You can have anything from 1 to 12 text links showing up in your page with a double or single dotted line. Any color can be assigned to the links and as with all the ads the color theme can be changed but is limited to a set of 7 colors. I personally would avoid matching the colors so that they are the same as your normal links, I know you try to earn revenue as much as you can, but fooling visitors in clicking unwanted actions is a big no-no. I can ensure you that the visitor will simply not visit your site anymore. My suggestions don’t use dotted single line and use double solid lines.

Why double solid lines? Well it’s a subconscious effect where you lure visitors into clicking on these links because they know it’s an ad, which most likely will convert into an ad click.

Do not bombard your site with 12 ad links if you only have 500 words on each page.

You can easily control where the text ads are shown by placing comments on your site, it’s as simple as switching it on and off . Simply start where you want to exclude text ads from showing by adding   and start again with  




inSearch targets visitors whom are actively searching. Basically if you are searching for basketball tickets, than based on your search query an ad of basketball tickets will be shown. As a result these ads will only be shown if the visitor is coming from a search engine. They are claiming that this will optimize your SEO, but that is a ridiculous statement as your SEO will be based on your page and site not on the ad. So inSearch will perform only on pages that are relevant to the initial search term the visitor is using.
But regardless of the false statement inSearch will work for visitors coming from search engines.

The added bonus is that these ads are shown at the bottom of the page which will hide itself after 3 seconds. The great concept about inSearch is that it’s a different location where ads are viewed. In an excellent Tech Talk CEO Dave Zinman explains why conventional ads are in decline and why innovation is priority in establishing higher revenue.




inTag is very similar to the tag system in a blog environment. It works by collecting the most relevant and on topic keywords by creating a cluster of keywords at the bottom of your page if you use a WordPress plugin. If you copy and paste the infolinks code into your page it will appear wherever you have placed your code. The best place to have inTag is ether in the center of your page or at the top. A great feature would be to change the actual size of the container so that you can add it as a widget in the sidebar, but as of yet only a single or double line is available.




inFrame is a vertical banner solution that sits outside of the main content area. This ad format will only be visible for screen sizes that are larger than the content area itself, so desktop support only. It is currently in beta and needs some debugging. inFrame is the only module that works via CPV (Cost per View) which is an added bonus if you have low click rates! 

Current known bugs are with WordPress themes using lots of ajax scripts.


It would be surprising if Infolinks had any advertisers that would have malicious ads or trojans for that matter, being the second most popular advertising network. It the past 90 days it has no association to damaging ads. You can view the latest update on Google Safe Browsing

Revenue Share Rate

There share rate is 70% but as Pamela from infolinks mentions the individual share rate is based on many factors.

Payment Methods

eCheck, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union with a minimum withdrawal being $50 or $100 if it’s wire transfer.

eCheck’s can be received in your local currency at a 2% conversion fee.


Available to all countries CPM is higher with USA, Canada and the UK.

Ad Types

inText, inFrame, inSearch and inTag

Ad Quality

High quality ads

Mobile Support

inFrame is not supported for mobile devices


No adult content and no forums.

Registration Process


Customer Support

Excellent, very friendly and quick.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately the reporting of earnings is basic, you can’t see what pages are performing good nor can you see which of the 4 ad modules is performing. So you might be adding the inSearch onto your site where visitors choose to ignore it. So in this case you should simply remove inSearch as it is just adding an additional distraction. Hopefully infolinks will start realizing that publishers need better performance reporting. As of now I would not use this on a site with high traffic unless you absolutely know what you are doing or are only using one module. They do have excellent customer service!

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  1. Hi there, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing your review on Infolinks. The positive feedback on our Customer Service is great to hear, I’ll let them know 🙂 As for earnings, remember that each website earns differently based on many factors. Good luck and happy blogging!

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