Article | Date posted : 2 September, 2013 | Updated on : 2 September, 2013

Kontera Review

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Kontera is a well established advertising network with over 11 years of experience. A company that lasts this long can be listed as a trusted company. Today we asses how good Kontera is. We combine information from social users, scientific research from Ad Stumblr, service records and everything else that is important to you as a publisher.

Currently as of writing, Kontera is 7th on the leaderboard, if you need to find out what the current research ratings are please visit Ad Stumblr.

Social society has a mixed feeling as to the maximum potential earnings. The heated debate is between infolinks and kontera and currently it seems like that infolinks is better than kontera. And infolinks is also second on the leaderboard on Ad Stumblr.

Rather or not you know the positives or negatives about intext links, ill still would like to highlight the problems with this type of advertising. The problem is that this model does not fit with forums. The reason is that forum users are most likely people who visit the forum on a regular basis. And as every human you start to ignore these links. The Homo sapiens in our selves have long learned us how to ignore annoying fragments that we see on a daily basis.

I sure ignore links that I know are from advertisers and so will others. A forum is a place where people search for informative information, not advertising. While blogs can have in my opinion intext links. To avoid the pretense of the automated effect that these links will be ignored is by playing them only a couple of times on your page. The more links you add the quicker people will notice the advertising environment. Even so dramatic that they will move their mouse so precisely to avoid these links.

The second problem I have with intext is the fact that they are not really on topic. These ads are based on keywords and not always on the entire page context.

In this video they mention how consumers are blinded by display advertising (banners) well you have to admit that they are blind themselves by not realizing that what ever type of advertising you present as soon as you display it too much. The consumer will automatically be blinded. I think if you want to avoid consumer blindness there is only one solution. Have a physical hand come out of the screen and slap you around the head every time you try to avoid to look at an advertising.

Revenue Share Rate

Not official 70%

Payment Method & Payouts

A minimum payout of $50 and the payment methods are done using PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer


All countries are acceptable

Ad Types


Ad Quality


Mobile Support



No adult content, no warrez, torrents and illegal content

Registration Process


Customer Support


Bottom Line

It’s not as good as infolinks┬ábut is definitely categorized as an elite advertising network.

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