Article | Date posted : 20 August, 2013 | Updated on : 19 February, 2014

MadAdsMedia Review

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MadAdsMedia has a great website, but what is their service like? Let us dig deeper into their network.With over 100 ad networks and claiming to cover 100% of your ad times. They are definitely showing an impressive wording. But is it all true with there CPM. CPC, CPA and CPL campaigns convince us to use them? What I do like reading is the fact that they are heavy on CPM. With an impressive CPM calculator it does give you an incredible overview as to how much you could potentially earn. And I am using the word potentially!

As with any review you read or payment proofs you see, you have to ask yourself if you can believe what you see or hear, are they a scam or not? Would you not rather believe in accurate statistical figures. Currently as of writing this review they are positioned 6th on the market leader board which you can find at Ad Stumblr an ad network analytic research center.

This is not a network we recommend using with others as most likely you will be in violation. For example they use Adsense, so if you have Adsense ads plus MadAdsMedia ads at the same time you will be in violation with Adsense.

If your traffic is mostly from Asian countries than MadAdsMedia is not for you. The average eCPM for Asian countries is around $0.02, where UK can get around $0.72.

The statistic on their site is delayed by several days due to the fact that they serve other ad networks advertising. As a result they need to wait for the other networks to show statistics before they can show it to you.

Cut Out Middleman

Cut Out Middleman

MadAdsMedia is a second middleman. Do you really want to have two networks in between yourself and the advertiser?

Here is an example

  • Ice cream Maker (Advertiser)
  • Adsense (Ad Network first middleman or any of the 100 other networks available)
  • MadAdsMedia (second middleman)
  • Publisher (You)

Do you see that you are actually cutting your revenue twice by an X amount of percentage, why would you want to do that to your self. This method is really your last resort if you have had bad luck with all the other networks.

They pay on a NET45 (which means they pay 45 days after the payment request is created).


Based on tests received from Google Safe Browsing MadAdsMedia has several advertisers in the past 90 days that have distribute malicious ads 15 of them exploiting computers which have infected over 2000 websites.

It is possible that the company has removed the advertisers, to check the health of MadAdsMedia check Google Safe Browsing

Revenue Share Rate

Based on analyses compared to Adsense the revenue share is 1/3 of Adsense.

Payment Method & Payouts

A minimum payout of $50 which can be transferred to PayPal, obtaining a Check or bank wire transfer.


All countries, but low ECPM for countries outside of US, Canada and UK

Ad Types

Display Advertising

Ad Quality


Mobile Support



The usual, no warez, torrents, adult content or illegal content.

Registration Process

I personally did not get approved. I guess they had a moody day 🙂

Customer Support


Bottom Line

As they are not an ad network them selves this is a last resort network. If you think about it for a second your receiving ads from another network which means that the original ad network will take their share, and then MadAdsMedia will take their share which will leave you with a very low rate.

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