Article | Date posted : 19 June, 2013 | Updated on : 18 January, 2014

Opersource Online htaccess for password Generator

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This is a free self installer for generating online .htaccess and .htpasswd. This tool only generates htaccess and htpasswd no other htaccess commands. This tool protects your folders on the fly. You can easily navigate throughout your folders and generate single or multiple users to that specific folder. Without the need to find out what the root url is nor the need to upload any files.
Simply navigate and enter your credentials then click on generate.

This tool is self protected so nobody but yourself can generate new passwords through this tool.

I came about creating this plugin as I’m in constant need to change or protect new folders. And don’t want to upload new files if in a rush. So i simply created this online tool to do all the hard work for me. This is a free tool so if you like it or don’t like it, please leave a comment. Many thanks.

Build and tested on a Linux server.

Report any problems on this page.


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