Article | Date posted : 15 November, 2013 | Updated on : 12 December, 2013

Other ways to gain quality traffic for eCommerce 2014

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I read an article two days ago on Future Serp: A Glimpse at Google 2014 which got me thinking. Google is going crazy in bombing the viewers search results with paid advertising, now being 33%. So what is it going to be next year, I can only assume that the figure is going to be greater.

This is good news for web owners willing to pay for that extra real estate. But what if your limited to certain funds, or even worse you don’t have any funds what so ever? How can you earn money with Google being the dominant factor when people are searching for goods online.

I currently maintain two eCommerce sites that has a 25% increase in traffic and sales, while not paying for any extra advertising. I’m lucky that I work in an environment that i’m free to push forward any ideas as long as its providing more sales. Alongside constantly developing there sites with new features, I spend a huge amount of time working on gaining extra traffic.

Step 1 | Long Tail Keywords

My first step was the Long Tail gap. Long tails are used to explain how people day to day type their search terms in Google. For example people don’t always type in “snow chains” they might type in the keywords snow chains for audi a1. This second keyword search term is called a long tail, as it’s not a specific keyword but describes more what the customer are looking for. In our case as of writing we are second position (we don’t count audi as a competitor as they don’t sell snow chains). We would have been able to be number one, but due to late implementation of this site we where not able to beat the competition as of yet.

So what I have done is generated unique content for each vehicle that we have a product for.

snowchains long tail keywordsBe careful not to generate lots of content that is not unique, as these pages will not rank as much as specific unique pages.

Step 2 | Dont be late, be early!

As with any eCommerce site, the early implementation of pages will gain traffic. Sometimes when you are working with clients its very hard to convince them. I know I have done this for over 5 years. And all you have to do is show them the statistics.

Early developments will help your sales, as Google will show your pages quicker than any other. So how do you beat the competition with early content generation?

Crawl the web, use the search engine and use social media platforms to find new products that are about to be launched. And create a landing page.

Step 3 | eCommerce Blog

Yes Blogs help create sales, when I’m talking about a blog for an eCommerce site, I’m not talking about talking about what you dog ate that morning. With blogs you have the opportunity to write helpful topics. Lets say you have a couple of people struggling to assemble something you sell. Instead of always explaining them on the phone or just refer them to the instructions. Do the effort and write a helpful blog post with pictures. I guarantee you that you will see lots of traffic going to that page. And to gain extra sales, link to products on your site and people will gain interest into accessory or the product itself.

Step 4 | Give Something Free

Everybody loves something free, the best-selling point in my experience is FREE DELIVERY, who doesn’t love free delivery.

The second option is give a product for free with a purchase of an item, or when they spend more than X amount of money. Or create a combo price pack. I know these things are basic, but you have searched or landed on this page to find ways to sell more. And this is one of them.

Step 5 | Whenever you have time, Socialize!!!

Ok ok, so look at two facts. When you spend money on advertising (online) you will spend that money on that day, and that ad is gone! Ads are short-lived! When you socialize and share fun things, they will outlast any ad. What would you rather do? Take a fun picture of a product you have used in whatever genre it associates to and post it on all the social sites? Or spend every day the same amount of money for the same amount of attention?

I know what I would suggest, take some pictures.

eCommerce sites are very scared of socializing because they think it will lower their appeal. Hack we live in a modern world, we are not walking down High Street to find the best buys anymore. It’s all online!!!

Use sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+

Whatever you do, don’t use forums. Forums are notoriously bad with people linking to products. I have tried and failed, even for being purely helpful, still get burned out and be labelled as a spammer.

Step 6 | Write good content, don’t copy the manufacturers pages

Google loves original content, not only will a blog help you with original content. But do the time to write good content about your products. I have already written a detailed article for SEO Content which you can find in our SEO section. It’s not all about content, there are many things that are associate with it.

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