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Yet another advertising network trying to wheel in the money. This does not feel like a professional company for two main reasons that I spotted within seconds. First they registered under the domain name than changed it to (which is a ridiculous name), why change a domain name, does not seem that the owner has put enough thought into this business. The second issue that I have is that they are using a widely available ad network script The site looks identical due to their script usage as Which I already have written a review about.

So you can’t stop me from thinking that there is no feel of thrust in this company, as much as I need to give every new business a chance by not looking at the cover of the book. In this instance I can’t grant them any authority as to being an ad network. They get 0 rating for this reason, until proven otherwise.

The owner states that the site is still in beta, but as a publisher why would you want to send your traffic to an ad network that does not even has it site ready. The FAQ page is missing, the contact page leads to a blank white page with just an email address, the rules page is missing.

There impression rate on the homepage is faked as it uses a simple java script code to randomly generate a number and increment it by 1 per second. What a load of horse [….].

Bottom Line

Let me stop wasting to much of your valuable time and say, don’t use them!

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

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