Article | Date posted : 20 January, 2015 | Updated on : 21 January, 2015

PHP array / JSON Japanese Prefectures and the Industrial Standard JIS X 0401 code

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Below I have compiled a list of all the Japanese Prefectures (Province / State). Including the Kanji name, the Industrial Standard JIS X 0401 code and a google_value which is required for Google Merchant. The was originally built to be used with Google Merchant, where this code is required if you have different shipping prices for each area. However you can use this PHP array or JSON file for any of your projects.


When I shared this code on Google+ Marco Toniolo suggested that including the data using JSON would be a much better approach. It’s much easier to update a single file designed for a specific reason, than a config or other file which has a PHP array inside. So for the people whom are interested in the JSON file you can download it.

If you have never used JSON before, here is how you can use it in the example below

The PHP code

How to use in PHP

You can use this to generate a drop down menu or call individual elements.

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