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Sponsored Links is a new company launched in 2012 the overall feel of the site looks nice, but once you start reading you can spot lots of grammar errors. Receiving a professional appeal, grammar correction must be done which will improve the overall quality of the site. They use a nice modern CMS theme layered on top of their custom build ad system which you can buy at Theme Forest named CupCake.

There payout rates are not fixed and based on advertisers bidding process. The CPM’s averaging between $.12 to $1.6.

We have built an amazing ad network research center where you can find out how much is used. Currently as of writing there are not that many sites using this network. Check it out at Ad Research. Based on our research centers the sites that use PopCash are what I consider trashy sites. As of yet I have not found any quality sites that use this network. cms cms

Popcash uses a popunder ad scheme where the ads are shown in a new window underneath the current browser. Radu from PopCash mentions that pop under ads perform better than pop ups. I agree that pop ups are the worst ad formats out there, but I still feel there is a down side on using such an advertising technique. Imagine when you would see these types of ads, most likely it would be when you close down your windows at the end of your session when using your device.

The popunders are activated when you click anywhere on the site, be it a link, a image or anything on the site.

The good thing about PopCash is that they will limit the number of pop unders by one per day per session.

The company is pushing hard for adult content websites. I understand that the earnings are higher with adult websites. The downside is that your ads will be related to adult content as well. So if you’re not in that niche, than you’re not making your site look professional. Luckily there is a switch to disable adult content.

The company run by Alex Matican and located in Romania, seems to have worked for an insurance company in Bulgaria. The company and website has ended its existence and was

The website currently managed on and hosted on Has recently hidden its whois database information.


In the past 90 days Popcash has acted as an intermediary for the infection of one site. But more troubling is that it has one trojan on the site that gets automatically installed on users computers. An ad network should have 0 infections. Especially if you are running a healthy website. If you have ads on your site that causes malware or trojans to be installed on your users computers than Google will reduce your ranking and even possibly black list your site in severe cases.

You can check with Google Safe Browsing for the latests resutls.

Revenue Share Rate

We now have official confirmation from Radu Burcheci the administrator at, that the revenue share is 80%.

Payment Methods & Payouts

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Paxum

Minimum withdrawal $10.00 with the payment frequency being every single working day.


Accepts all countries

Ad Types

Pop Under, ads are shown in a new window underneath the existing window.

Ad Quality

Unknown as my test where not successful

Mobile Support

Not available


No restrictions, accepts sites such as warez, torrent, adult etc…

Registration Process


Customer Support

48 hours

Bottom Line

My opinion is to use this network as an experimental phase, but don’t let me be the judge, let us know what you think share it with the public what your experience are with We need to be transparent so that the public can use the best ad networks available. Based on statistics from Ad Research the site has been used very rarely on trashy sites.

Check out our ad network statistics to help you guide in finding great networks at Ad Research

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