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Everybody wants to be able to spread there site or pages as widely as possible. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attracting society with your shared URL. The reason why the word spam is quickly stamped on to certain methods is due to its historic methodology. But i’m all for sharing your content as long as you have something worthy to share. Today I will share my own experience and reflections upon others, that I have collected over the years.

In my following article I will talk about what the best methods are to share your content without attaching the spam logo. But today it’s all about the content.

What is a worthy site?

A worthy site is a site that you would like to come back to, to re-read or read other articles on. Or even share with your friends and family.

The most important element of any page is it’s content. There are several elements that will make your page an instant hate. The hate is derived based on users historic experience and common knowledge. I will explain what the common knowledge tells us if a site is crap.

Not enough content.

There are so many sites that have only one paragraph of text with a link to the original article. When I’m interested in an article I don’t want to read spin-off articles with a link to the original. I don’t have time to go through different articles when originally I just wanted to read about whatever this person has shared. Now there is an understandable reason that you can’t please every person about what he or she is really interested in. Some people might even just want a short article. But I don’t see the point of it. Even well-known bloggers do this such as Barry Schwartz. This is not a personal attack to Mr Schwartz 🙂 I’m just pointing out information.

The way I prefer is have the article with added material, and not a spinned article. Going the extra mile, always pays off 🙂


The next point is sites with excessive amounts of advertising. There are many sites that have excessive advertising, but there is a difference on advertising placement. I will explain two different sites where one does it good and the other does not.

The Bad Way

Here is an example of a site that has 7 advertisements on one page with a small paragraph. There are two problems here, one is that there is not enough content (one paragraph) and the second is that the advertising is placed in such a way that I have no idea where I need to look. This makes it a very spammy site, next time I see a link from webopedia I would simply ignore it. Over the years of browsing I have learned the habit when I notice a site which I previously hated, that I will hit the back button ever so quickly.

To Much Advertising

To Much Advertising

The Good Way

Smashing Magazine does this very good. When I enter the site I can quickly read what I’m interested in, which is the content. There are even more ads on this site, but constructively placed to the side. And only one in the center. This makes reading much more pleasant.

Good Ad Placement

Good Ad Placement

Other advertising methods that are annoying.

I know everybody wants to earn money, with their content. But do you really need to pester your audience with a site entry ad? I don’t want to click on a close button before I enter a site. So why should anybody else.

The same follows for site exit ads. Why place an ad saying “Hey You, You that is about to leave, get your ass back here”. What the hell, just leave me alone, I left for a reason!


I have read an article at 12most that hashtags are overwhelming content, I think this is more referring towards social platforms, as I have never seen hashtag usage on web pages before. Maybe soon we will be seeing hashtags on sites too? Regardless he is correct in saying that when reading content you don’t want to constantly be seeing the # character in front of words.

Historic Experience

This is extremely easy to understand, it’s like eating a burger. If you go to your favorite burger joint and you dislike what they cook, you will not go there anymore. Unless they change their whole attitude. Like in Belgium we have McDonalds and Quick. Some people don’t like the sauces in McDonalds so they go to Quick. This is a Historic Experience.

If you experience this your self as a website owner, or you find that your approach towards your visitors is shit (like to much advertisements or bad placements). Than to re-attract visitors is to completely change your site. What I’m talking about is redesign the feel and look of your site. Remove the old identity of your site. And slowly you will receive more visitors. Prolonging you still have good content and it was merely the sauce that was bad apple on the tree!

Another typical historic experience that has no relationship towards your site in particular is the advertisement. If I see site entry ads for advertisements or to join their Facebook page or whatever rubbish it might want to force upon me. I will click bye-bye.

Remove them. Today an age people are becoming smarter and smarter. In ignoring common bad web development habits.


  • Less than 400 words with the rest of the page filled with more than 2 advertising elements is bad
  • Advertisement constructively placed improves the overall impact
  • Non topical information
  • Site entry advertising
  • Site exit advertising
  • Spinned articles
  • Historic Experience

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