Article | Date posted : 16 September, 2013 | Updated on : 16 September, 2013

SEO Experimental

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The main objective of any SEO is to get your targeted words in your content, this to lure as many visitors as you can with as many targeted keywords or phrases as you can. But you can’t cover all targets in one page, or can you?Ā How do you write different phrases within the same page, while making sense within 400 keywords?

Today I will explain how you write and cover a wide variation of keywords and phrases. All my targeted keywords will be highlighted in bold, and keyword associations in underline, to show you how easy it is to write more content with targeted keywords.

As a subject for our experiment we will be talking about lemons, while talking about seo šŸ™‚

First I need to establish what my intentions are, I want to teach people about the growth of lemons. So why SEO lemons? As a tree, you have the fundamental basics which than grows into a tree. When the tree has reached its first mature state it will bear its fruits. When reading the next line which will entail something really crazy. You will start to understand that you can generate a rather interesting twist

I want to rank in SEO Lemons or its phrase variation.

Bold => direct keyword
Underlined => indirect association

The Lemon Search for Optimizing it’s fruits.

Lemons Health Benefits

SEO Lemons

As all life starts, the search for healthy growth results in an increased population of flowers which will result in a larger number of flying visitors in search for optimized fruits. For every flower it will produce a rich flavoursomeĀ lemon. But the growth in exposed popularity of flying bees does not come from its roots, but from the increased bursts of pollination. As every natural object, it’s sole intention is to optimize it’s life span for the purpose of attracting extra visitors so that itself can bear fruits for future growth of other plants in its surrounding.

On the internet you can find huge amounts of resources to expand the lemon’s dominance in an optimized production of visitors. In the film “The World’s Fastest Indian” The character Burt Munro played by Anthony Hopkins explains that pissing on the plant, helps grow better lemons. Now I’m not saying that it will optimize it’s search for pollination. But will increase its freshness of its fruits. If you think about the fruit, you could compare it like a newspaper. Where the fruit is the content, the text, and the tree or paper is its page.

When you have finally grown enough lemons you can start making lemonade, and with any lemonade stand, you would want to market your product. To do this you simply need a great title by simple coming up with the best keywords. So why not say “Buy One Lemonade Get One Free Lemon Cheesecake.” It will attract allot more visitors to your site, wherever you might be located in the world.

After a while you will grow a large quantity of visitors to your site that will require a huge amount of resources to replenish your stocks. So the search for lemons in the field begin. As with every field you need to optimize its production by providing it with enough resources. The resources can be found organically by searching for the right ingredients.

Searching for organic is the key in the word, its what you find in the nature that will help you increase volume.

This article is written for the intentions to see if lemons can produce an SEO, targeting the keywords SEO Lemons and it’s phrase associations.

As a side note this article has nothing to do with SEO Lemons by George AkerlofĀ and was written after the discovery that Lemons can be optimized in the search for better results.

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