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SEO Title Research

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Title Research is an important first step to enable writing good content, as the title defines the content, I have previously written an article on how to write good seo content. But today we are going to talk about researching what you need to write in your titles. We will cover the scenario for products and blogs. Writing titles for blogs or products differ from each other. And it is important to know how people think when reading an e-commerce site and when reading a blog.

Title Research for Products On A E-Commerce Site

What do I mean with titles?

When talking about titles we will be covering titles for Headings (H1) and the meta tag title.

With title products it’s important to know the structure of your product title. With this I mean what comes first. In normal circumstances the start of a title is the Brand’s name. The second part could be ether the product name or the product number. If we are talking about bags or shoes or clothing in general than the product code is irrelevant and should not be introduced. But for other niches it might be very important.

Lets establish the order of the title.

statistics over mind

statistics over mind

Ok so, you have a product, do you know if having the product number alongside the title is even relevant? Have you really taken all the steps to understand if a product number is even functional? Not because the brand is giving you a number means you should use it. The steps below will reveal if you should use a product number or not. But for the sake of this exercise lets assume you do need it.

But how do you structurize your title? Do you place the number before or after the product name? Regardless of what you will be doing. It is important to research how people are typing it. And not how you would type it. I have come across a lot of people who always use their personal preference over statistics. Don’t be fooled, use statistics over mind! I have proved on so many occasions that statistics are smarter than you! Obviously if the statistics cover the subject in question.

Research Adwords

Research Adwords

Lets find out what is really going on in the world. The best way is to use your Adwords Search Terms. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ads running to support this knowledge or you don’t have an Adwords account, you can also use the Keyword Planner.

Google Adwords

Campaign => Keywords => Details => Search Terms => All

Navigate to your campaign and click on the keywords tab than details and select all search terms. And order by impressions.

Here you can find all the phrases that people tend to type for your product. Do people type Brand Number Name or Brand Name Number or even simpler Brand Name? Without the number?

If you don’t have an adwords account than don’t worry as you can use Google’s Keyword Planner. Here you can select Search for Keyword and ad group ideas.

Below you can find an example of a keyword drill-down on the search term “Thule proride” where it clearly shows me that I should be using Brand Name Number and not the other way around. This clearly shows how the titles on the e-commerce I have worked on is wrong and it should be turned around. Now here is where we have to be carefull. Not because people search in a specific way means you should just change it. If you have new pages, than I would suggest to have the titles as per popularity. But if you have a very old page and you have done lots of small tweaks. Google might think that you are over optimization. So what do you do?

I don’t know 🙂 It’s up to you to test it out. The best way to analyze if it has a positive outcome or a negative is by using a sample page. In other words a product page where it does not make much difference if you get knocked down the rankings.

If you have not made many changes in the last months, than simply change it to the popular search term.

keyword research

keyword research

And that concludes having a correct SEO Title for E-Commerce sites if you.

Whatever you do, keep it under 60 characters!, You can have more characters but Google will cut your title off at the end of 60 characters. So try to keep your keywords within the limits.


  • Use Google Adwords for research
  • Use Google Keyword Planner
  • Don’t use your own opinion
  • Use statistics over brains!

Title Research For Blog Articles

Before reading this section please read the section about products, it will cover how to use research tools.

So what are you going to write about? Is it about animals, food, economics, books, films etc…

Whatever you do, the titles for a blog is trickier than products for an e-commerce site. The phrases of an article can be written in so many different ways. Here we need to research how the most common person of today an age type for that particular topic you are going to write about.

Before you write your title you need to write you content first, if you need help on SEO Content Research I have written a great article about this. So after you have written your article. We can start by writing your title.

Are you writing a story? Than the title needs to be focused on the highlight of your script.

Is it a topical article for example about technology or politics, than we should research what the trending search terms are for these types of articles. Simply use the Google Keyword Planner and type in words that describe your subject. Than build up your title from the most common searched terms. Lets say I’m talking about the iPhone 5. From my research the topic floats allot around the gritty Gold color. And the fact that they are copying the color scheme from Nokia. So you could say in this instance.

iPhone 5 stole colors from Nokia

Now this is a title that grabs people’s attention.

You can even make the tittle in a form of a question!

Has iPhone 5 stolen colors from Nokia?

This methodology can be used with any article. Make a punch in the market. Make your title funny, sad, interesting, inspiring….

Again as mentioned in the article for products, keep your title character count to 60.


  • Be topical
  • Make it funny, sad, interesting, inspiring
  • Maybe make it a question title?
  • Use the research tools to analyse your keyword targets

Search Term Competitiveness

There is always a problem breaking into a competitive market. For products you can’t really change that fact but to counter balance and break into the market you can offset this by writing a blog or article using fish tail phrases. I will cover this subject in another article.

The same applies for blog titles, if you have trouble breaking into a competitive market than having other articles supply inbound links and using fish tail titles will help boost your main articles.

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