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ShareCash is a reputable company launched in 2009. You earn revenue by submitting your files to their servers and sharing them. The current rate per successful download is around $1. The only downside with this site is that the person who is downloading the file needs to fill out a short survey or offer before he or she is able to start downloading the file. Once that is completed you will receive a successful click.

Watch out for ShareCash’s advertisers as they place cookies in your downloadable files. Another data mining capitalization. Do you really want to contribute in these cookie factories?

I don’t think in the modern age of today people want to fill out a survey to download a file, why should you? Downloading a file should be as simple as click => download.

This system might have been a good idea in 2009 but I would not use them as it will lower your overall site’s quality score.

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Revenue Share Rate


Payment Method & Payouts

  • Payoneer
  • Payquicker
  • Payza
  • Bank Wire Trasfer
  • PayPal
  • Checks

Minimum payout depending on the service you are using is $10.00


Global downloads and payouts, countries such as US, Canada, UK, Australia will receive higher payouts and the surveys are much easier to unlock.

Ad Types

Visitors that click on your link will have to fill out a survey, so in other words it’s a data collection scheme.

Ad Quality

The quality of the ads are basic survey questions.

Mobile Support

Not available.


No adult content or copyrighted materials and files can not be larger than 50MB

Registration Process

Easy registration. Only their forum registration is hard, you have at least 4 security questions.

Customer Support


Bottom Line

Don’t use them unless you have a trashed up spam site. No discredit to the creators of the PPD network, it’s simply out of date in respect to modern browsing. Modern browsing is all about appeal and presence. This knocks you down the ladder rapidly if you have it integrated into your site. The site is reputable and not a scam site.

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