Article | Date posted : 25 January, 2015 | Updated on : 25 January, 2015

Shopify Google Shopping APP vs a Stand a lone APP

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Several clients asked my Google Shopping expertise to consult on there data feed. They used Shopify’s Google Shopping Data Feed and required me to fix any issues. After reviewing the feeds, I have noticed how poor the Shopify APP for Google Merchant really is. From missing product attributes to the inability to write original content.

It feels like they have slept together a poor eCommerce extension.

When we talk about original content, I mean the ability to write a Title and Description that can be different from the content available on the site.

When using the Shopify APP it mirrors the content directly from your products, so when you try to edit your content purely for Google Shopping, it will change it on your website too. It does not allow you to edit the title or description, unless you are happy to edit the content on your site too. Regardless if this is what you want or not its a poor system. Google encourages you to write a slightly different content from what is available on your site which will increase your ranking by a X value. Writing content needs to be separated so that your content can be independent from your website’s content.

There are two reason why you should separate your Google Shopping content to that of your website.

  1. Google has a very strict Shopping Policy where for example you are not allowed to have any promotional, capitalization or repetitive characters ***. Nor are you aloud to mention any other products or accessories, no reference to email or a physical address. And this is just a couple of policy items listed.
  2. Google has publicly mentioned that it prefers you to write text that is different than what is visible on the landing page for your product.

Both arguments can be found in Google’s Shopping Policy.

And here comes the self promotion.
Out of all these limitations provided by this application, I have decided to built my own APP. This application is focused on Google Shopping and it’s policies. You can request to view a live demo, simply contact me below.

Quotes from existing clients using my FeedArmy App

Emmanuel has developed a remarkable APP which is really easy to use for a product feed from your website to Google shopping.

In case you have not yet noticed Google shopping is taking over on-line shopping and challenging the likes of Amazon and Ebay. This is the way forward for e-commerce. I rate Emmanuel as a man right at the top of the game – a cutting edge APP that i could not find anywhere else. Much easier that the complicated Google spreadsheet. The only other app i can find is a shopify app which does not work for my products.

Emmanuel is a top quality web developer – he has a creative approach to problem solving that sets him apart from the freelance crowd – many of whom are simply out to deliver a quick hit and run service that has no long term value!
I have been out sourcing online for a few years now and worked with a ton of developers.
It has to be said Emmanuel is one of the best – he provided realistic quotes, adaptable solutions – A1 communication and delivered exactly what was promised with no issues.
He is a consummate professional and not just another PPH Yes man – he draws on his extensive experience as a professional Web Dev to deliver a truely pro service.
It should be noted he spent this formative years working within the UK web development industry – so he is fully conversant with what a UK client expects.
He really is the go to guy – and I will be working with him again on many more commercial projects as they arrive.

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