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Sponsored Links does not give you much information on the front page, but they do have a great knowledge base available on there help page with questions such as do they have a CPM or CPC network or both? What are there payout rates, What payout methods do they use and so on. When researching their company I learned that publishers are getting easily band with a surplus of over $200?

The thing about the internet is that negative information easily overcrowd positive and so you will have to take these topics about people being band with a pinch of salt. The matter of fact is that this company is very popular in Latin America, with the added bonus that they build their own ad network. So I consider an elite.

There average CPM is $0.05 to $0.15.

When ads are depleted they simply fill the ad spaces from other networks such as Chitika, FOX Network, Ybrant Digital and TLV Medias, which makes their service available 24h a day covering your site 100%.

As of writing this article I am having trouble with their CMS and am awaiting their response, as soon as the CMS issue has been cleared I will then update this article.

With a very high $100 dollar withdrawal rate, I’m pretty quickly turned away from this ad network, unless you have an extremely high traffic rate.

I found a page on their site claiming a high CPM rate, averaging at $1.53. Unfortunately based on research this figure is not accurate

Want to know how popular this ad network is? You can view global statistics for all major ad networks at Ad Stumblr

Revenue Share Rate

An apparent 60% – 80% but research tells me a much lower rate, where the CPM is averaging at $0.05 to $0.15.

Payment Method & Payouts

NET45 (which means that payment is due at the end of 45 days from the date of invoice)

Payouts are received via PayPal, Payoneer and Check but the minimum withdrawal rate is a whopping $100


All countries are accepted.

Ad Types

Site exit ads, display ads, pop up ads and slider ads.

I would suggest not to add any site exit ads, why annoy your visitor when he or she tries to leave your site by forcing upon them an ad? Do you want an ad every time you exit a site?

smowtion com ad data-lazy-sizes

smowtion com ad sizes

An interesting 1 pixel sized ad can be found, which is rather funny. Ok ok so who wants a 1 pixel ad on their site! Let me know 🙂

Ad Quality

Extremely colorful ads

Mobile Support

There is no dedicated support for ads, they do have ads that are small enough to be used on mobile devices


No adult content

Registration Process


Customer Support

No information as of yet.


They are using as there worldwide tracking service and as their social research platform.

Bottom Line

A good alternative to consider if all other elite sites have failed, they are an elite site due to their popularity in Latin America. But i’m lowering their overall score due to their low pay rates and extremely high withdrawal rate.

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