Article | Date posted : 22 September, 2013 | Updated on : 22 September, 2013

ValueClick Media Review

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ValueClick Media started out in 1998 and currently promoting it’s adaptive system, where one ad can be viewed via multiple devices. No need for publishers to do server or client side scripting. It is all done via there system. This is a great feature for non tech savvy people. Simply insert one code and the rest is done by Value Click Media. They are currently one of the top 10 ad networks on the market. Statistics are generated by Ad Stumblr, which is a ad network research center. The research highlight the fact that if allot of publishers are using a particular network, than it must be good.

There ad placement requirements are a little bit of a negative, especially for bloggers. There is a common knowledge that ads at top of the site gets the same amount of views as the bottom ads. But the problem is that ValueClick Media does not allow ads to be placed below the first 600 pixels of the site.

Selecting Your Ads

You have a great control management system where you can disallow certain ad types or specific ads. This will greatly improve your ability to keep you website up in standards.

When you start up with your advertising you will notice that there are over 3000 advertisers, a good strategy is to select a wide variety of different CPM rated advertisers, low and high. The reason for this is, for example you select only high CPM advertisers, the likely hood of your fill rate will be very low, if not below 50%. What you as a publisher want to receive is a 100% fill rate so every single page view has an ad displaying. I would suggest to start with a 50/50 rate of high and low paying advertisers, and adjust accordingly ever 7 days.

Performance Report

The performance report is very detailed, you can view ads hourly, by country even the ads themselves. Much like Google Adsense you have great control over your statistics. Which you can research to optimize your ad selection. View how your fill rates perform and so on.

Revenue Share Rate


Payment Method & Payouts

PayPal, Wire Transfer and Check with a minimum payout of $25


All countries are accepted

Ad Types

Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper, pop under and Interstitial

Ad Quality

Mobile Support

Great mobile support using there solid adaptive system.


  • No adult content
  • No sexual content
  • No profane content
  • No illegal drugs or related content
  • No hate speech or hate graphics content
  • Ads can only be displayed on root URL’s, this means for sub domains you have to request an approval
  • Ads must be placed within the first 600 pixels of the page
  • Only 1 ad per page
  • Only a maximum of two pop-unders per website entry
  • No distribution of spyware
  • Having excessive amounts of other ads
  • No forums
  • Requires a Privacy Policy on the site
  • Only English Sites
  • Minimum of 3000 page views per month

Registration Process

  • Minimum of 3000 page views per month
  • Only English sites

Customer Support

Great and friendly support

Bottom Line

ValueClick Media is one of the top 10 ad networks available, with over 15 years of experience they are the most reputable companies on the market. They are highly know for there adaptions for displaying the same ads over different device platforms. Which makes this network a great option for publishers who have lots of traffic from different devices.

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