Web developer for Hire UK, Kent

Web developer for Hire UK, Kent

I’m available for hire on web development and design projects. Please have a look through my resume below and my web development portfolio site.

Hire me

Hire me

Emmanuel Flossie
Kent, United Kingdom
E: [email protected]
W: http://webdeveloper.smileywar.com
G+: +EmmanuelFlossie

About Me

Since 2001, I have been fascinated about the digital world. The capabilities of creating anything you desire intrigued my attention to learn how to create visually impressive elements. From that moment on it is hard to stop developing new web based applications. Alongside working hard on the next best thing, I love watching films and relax on a sunny day. It is the imagination of today that creates the world of tomorrow.


Web Developer, Momentum ABM
London – 2014 – current

Projects under NDA

Web Developer & Digital Manager, Snowchains Europroducts
Kent – 2009 – current

Maintained sites

Experimental Creations, Personal Projects
Kent – 2008 – current

Accomplishment examples

3D Artist, Aiko World Studios
Kent – 2008 – 2009

Self Employed 3D Artists

Accomplishment examples

  • TV Show Legacy of The Gifted – Lead Creative (Thailand)
  • Elite Artist at TurboSquid.com

Education / Programmes

Highly qualified with extensive knowledge at Team Treehouse in PHP, CSS(3), HTML(5), WordPress, jQuery. Adwords, SEO and Analytics. Dedicated to the digital world and ensuring I continually self educate to stay on-top of new trends and technologies. 


CEO Magnus Welander from Thule congratulated me in developing the worlds best partner retail website. (roofracks.co.uk is now used as prime example how competitor retailers should build their website)

Contribution / Tutor

Dedicated contributor and tutor to the digital community, supporting and nurturing other developers on many projects including web development and tools. Being a tutor brings me a great sense of achievement and pride to others excel further in this field (Google+ & Direct inquiries via SmileyWar).


  • Software
    • Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Notepad++
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
  • Languages
    • HTML / CSS
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • PHP (procedural) / MySQL
    • jQuery / Javascript
  • API / Frameworks
    • YouTube Data API 2
    • Andsene & Analysis
    • Google Merchant
    • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Digital, Marketing & other Skills
    • SEO (Organic & Paid i.e. Ad-words)
    • Social Media Marketing (FB, Twitter)
    • Google Shopping
    • Custom e-commerce (product listing, check-out system)
    • Customised Analytic’s Tools
    • Specialised CMS
    • HTML e-Newseletter
    • Unique automated review tools
    • Challenging programs based on mathematical algorithms
    • Database Management
    • Analysis & site performance management
    • Design of print ad’s


Ongoing Projects

  • Momentum ABM
  • smileywar.com
  • Tutoring fellow developers on web related technologies
  • Google Adsense
  • Managing a £15,000 monthly account for roofracks.co.uk and snowchains.co.uk
  • Google SEO
  • Ongoing optimisation and integration of new SEO (Experimental and Non-Experimental)
  • Quarterly Design Design
  • Print ads for roofracks.co.uk and snowchains.co.uk in the magazines (Auto Express and Auto Car)
  • Copywriting
  • Writing blogs and articles about the products and services for Roof Racks


  • chayanit.com
    • Final development of an online female fashion website (Thailand).
  • roofracks.co.uk 
    • Built a customised analytic platform to analyse consumers behavior during the shopping experience and at checkout. Based on this analysis, I have decreased the drop-off rate from 82% to 76%.
    • Optimized the site (V3) to facilitate new features such as:
      • A fully optimised and responsive checkout and basket for all devices (desktop,tablet,smartphone).
      • Re-optimised existing pages to significantly improve SEO performance.
      • A detailed back-end CMS for the employers to change, stock, price, wording
    • Achievements: As a result of above site developments, sales have increased up to 25%.
  • smileywar.com
    • Achievement: Reached a social recognised footprint in Google’s search. (Google accepted my author picture next to be displayed next to each organic search results, limited to a selected thew authors!.)


  • adresearch.smileywar.com
    • With the growing worry finding reputable online advertising agencies for small and big publishers I have identified a gap in the market where information about the usage of ad networks on the internet is not available and so I have written an analytic site that crawls the web finding information for public use.
  • snowchains.co.uk
    • Redesigned and simplified the e-commerce mechanics and presentation, by establishing a greater filtering system and other tools for the end-users. Resulting in an increased click through rate.
  • smileywar.com
    • Built a .htaccess and .htpasswd generator which can be installed on the customers server where you can navigate to specific folders for easy and secure credential generation.
    • css border radius generator based on current criteria such as no need for gecko or webkit prefixes.
    • creating articles, tools and tutorials sharing my web knowledge with other developers
  • roofracks.co.uk
    • Created a dynamic XML data feed for incorporating all products into Google Merchant using PHP and MySQL to output a XML file on the fly.
    • Second major redesign converting 90% of all content into a database driven site. Two reasons came up to build a new site. 1) the site received 11% of all traffic via mobile devices. 2) The extreme workload made me want to build a new system that was easier to update. So I created my own CMS where updating takes fraction of seconds and create new scripts a matter of hours or days.


  • roofracks.co.uk & snowchains.co.uk
    • Created a MySQL driven shopping basket using PHP and jQuery.
  • roofracks.co.uk
    • Developed a customer review system for Thule Luggage Bags with automated mailing system to invite customer to leave a comment after purchasing
  • efface.it
    • Efface the french word for to erase, to wipe out. The soul purpose in this poject was to improve my PHP algorithmic skills. In this development you enter a name in to the site which will then generate a funny quote based on letters in your entered name.
  • videopoll
    • This website was a personal project, to understand a new skill set which was using YouTube’s Data API 2. In which I created a unique voting system where visitors can upload videos and ask unique questions with multiple answers and let the users vote.


  • snowchains.co.uk
    • With previous built successes, I was given the opportunity to redevelop the out dated snowchains.co.uk website. A complex database was build to facilitate multiple user inputs to enable dynamic results.
  • Rhino Racks for Vans
    • A new eCommerce site was developed “Rhino Racks for Vans” (now incorporated into the main roofracks.co.uk web site).


  • roofracks.co.uk
    • With the successful launch of the new website, I suggested and built a warehouse CMS stock system.
    • A fresh start for the company where I developed a new website which had to be visually striking and easy to use.


  • roofracks.co.uk
  • Managed & maintained the original sites of roofracks.co.uk and snowchains.co.uk



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