Article | Date posted : 4 December, 2013 | Updated on : 12 December, 2013

When to target your social audience?

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Timing is everything, in any type of advertising or social sharing it is important to get your timing right. If you get your timings wrong it’s like shouting in the middle of a field at 3am. Nobody is going to hear you other than a barking dog.

Know your audience

If you haven’t installed Google Analytics, than its time to use this on your website. The analytic information is an extremely useful tool that will help you make the correct decisions. Now that you have installed it we need to get an hourly visitors of the day report, for your convenience I have already written how to set up a custom report in retrieving an hourly report.

When you have gathered enough data (2 weeks minimum) you can view how many visitors during the day you get on an hourly basis, this will enable you to understand when your site is most visited.

An hourly report is not the only reason that plays a role in this, you will also need to know the peaks in your daily report.

After collecting enough data you can analyze your first assessment. You can set up which day of the week your site is most popular, and which hour of the day. This gives you insight when to share your material. Again no point sharing something when everybody is long gone home. But don’t let this limit you, especially if your site is international. Limiting yourself to one time zone will simply put you out of action. Thus you should experiment with posting outside of your already known timings.

There are also some social media tools that can help you understand allot more than simply the time stamp.

Get help knowing your social audience

Knowing your social audience is more important than remembering what you had for breakfast!

Using social analytic tools will increase your knowledge about your niche. To be honest as of writing this article, I have never used any 3rd party analytic tools for social media other than Facebook Insight and Google Analytics, but I would like to urge you to try the tools below. The tools are designed to help you understand your audience ever more so deeply.

Twitter analytic tools

Analyze Your Results

When I need to understand my audience I write several different types of post I want to test, I have listed below the tests that I do.

  • New product launch posts
  • Interesting pointers about the product(s)
  • Helpful articles
  • Fun  / Funny images
  • Videos
  • Promotions

All these types of posts can do better on different days and on different social platforms, what works well on Twitter does not mean it will do on Facebook. Again this also depends on each niche, there is no statistic in which will be better for a Lawyer vs a gamer etc… There is an assumption, but not because there is a statistic available online means it’s 100% correct in your case.

Lets take a luxury item as an example. This product will most likely not be easy to sell and you don’t want to rub it in your audiences faces. Instead in this case you need to be more about the person not the product. What I would test out for luxury items are fun images, videos and discounted promotions.

The long run

In the long run you are targeting social media audience, which means they are taking a break from reality to delve into the gossip / media world, whether they realize it or not all social platforms are giant media platforms, not because the news article are actually based of individuals means that it’s not media. If you quietly introduce products into their view port, you will gain a footstep into their world.

But, there is always a but! Be gentle don’t do what you don’t like!

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2 thoughts on “When to target your social audience?

  1. I really enjoyed this article and found it very useful, especially the Twitter links. Some excellent pointers and aim to read this in more depth again tomorrow once I’m back in the office. Thanks for the info.

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