Article | Date posted : 17 May, 2014 | Updated on : 17 May, 2014

Why I think Media Temple is the best hosting for Web Developers and Designers

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I have used several web hosting companies over the years, in different countries. I started living in Belgium where I used and was extremely happy. Being that it was only for national usage. When I moved to the UK I started creating pages for international usage, developing cartoons and 3D related creations. In the UK I used and it was extremely disappointing. The quality was poor and lots of down times. Interface was outdated, basically by the time I was transitioning from being a 3D artist to a Web Developing Professional, the current hosting package was extremely bad.

And it was actually when I was a member of a forum that was hosted on Media Temple that I became interested. I thought that if these guys which I regarded as a high quality website hosts on MT than I should to!

So around 2009 I changed my hosting company to Media Temple’s GridServer with a coupon code I ended up paying a yearly fee of $160 with one included domain name. And this was a great platform for all my tinkering. I have developed many projects and had a great experience on the grid. But ever since a year ago (2013) I relaunched my SmileyWar website which I encountered slow loading times and down times. This has allot to do with using the CRM package WordPress. Unfortunately some themes and or plugins are resource heavy, and require allot from your database.

I tried to use Cloudflare and caching utilities, this unfortunately was not enough. A period of 6 months went by thinking about moving to Media Temple’s DV platform, asking questions with the support team. About all the technicalities.

I’m not saying that the Grid Server is bad, it’s great and Media Temple has always improved the service, but it has its place and due to the expansion of my developments it was time to move to the DV Package.

I was really worried about the moving from one server to another, I was hoping that I could just click on one button and have everything moved automatically. But it needed several steps to work. On Friday night I made the big move, and I have to say, it went very smooth.

Downtime was 0%

Steps I undertook for moving my domains, which only lasted half a day.

  • Downloaded all my server files
  • Backup all my MySQL data
  • Lowered the TTL
  • Created the domains in Plesk
  • Uploaded all the files
  • Uploaded all MySQL data
  • Pointed the domains to the new server
  • Finished

The experience I have now with my new VSP server is amazing. Super fast loading and easy to use Plesk Panel.

I’m a Web Developer but not a Linux geek

Don’t worry you don’t need to learn any linux coding to run a website on a VSP or Dedicated server, you can run everything from a user-friendly interface, namely Plesk Parrallels.

MT’s help files cover everything that you want to do on your new server.

Like I said, I can develop complex websites, but Linux is something I’m not interested in learning so a Plesk UI is great for people like me. Hosting companies call it Managed Hosting.

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